In August 2018 we published an interview with West Midlands based band Marquis Drive, the write-up was a special edition anniversary feature to celebrate our 100th article, now the band are back with a brand new double A side single and Clobber Magazine and have been granted an exclusive sneak preview ahead of the official release on the 19th April.  Marquis Drive have been playing large gigs and festivals for the last few years and have supported major acts including The Farm, Dodgy, Reverend & the Makers, Space, The Wonderstuff and Shed Seven.  The band also shares our love of Football, Causal Culture and Clobber, but most importantly they make some heavyweight tunes and their new double A side single is no exception.

This isn’t NME or Smash Hits and ain’t Mark Kermode, here at Clobber Magazine we tell it like it is, and let me tell you, this new release is something very special indeed.  So let’s start with “Shine On”, I sat back, plugged in my headphones, pressed play and let the good times roll.  I was instantly hit with a riff that I can only describe as an attack on my musical senses, Oasis instantly came to mind as did the Smiths, then came the deep melodic baseline which brought back memories of Joy Division, The Stone Roses and my misspent youth.  Now I am not normally one for comparing new tunes to those from days gone by – but in this instance it’s absolutely necessary in order to convey just how good this track really is.  With is uplifting lyrics and superb riff “Shine On” gives you the feeling that the weekend is just around the corner and only good times lie ahead.

The second track on this superb double A side is “Unite” and it starts like Japanese bullet train going at full pelt!  As soon as you press play you are hit with a riff that makes the Sex Pistols “Anarchy In The UK” seem almost tame, this is overlaid with a speech from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” which instantly gives you food for thought.  This sample coupled with the poignant lyrics makes you question what your life is all about, and why we endure and accept the drab 9-5 routine which is forced upon us by the crooked elites who look down on us all with such distain from their Ivory towers, well at least that’s what I thought anyway!  I get to hear a lot of new music these days and I can honestly say that this latest offering from Marquis Drive is the best thing that I have heard in a very long time.  The double A side will be officially released on 19.04.19 on the Small Town Mentality Records label and I can see it being the biggest thing that this brilliant band has done to date, so keep your eyes peeled because your friendly neighbourhood Clobber Magazine will be covering the release!