So, with the arrival of Liam Gallagher’s latest single ‘shockwave,’ a must listen for LG fans, and the release of his film As It Was, the former Oasis frontman has also announced a collaboration with the Adidas SPZL range, introducing the Liam Gallagher SPZL.

We’ve only seen Liam wearing what we believe to be the Gallagher SPZL at one of his gigs.  From the glimpse we got, they look a similar profile to the classic Gazelle OG, but rumour has it this pending release is based on the recent Padiham SPZL.  The trainers look to be a white or pale grey with no clear signs of any real detail, simple and effective design not to over complicate things. They look very smart and won’t look out of place is Gary Aspden’s SPZL range.

Brother Noel has also previously had an Adidas SPZL colab, so maybe Liam is a bit late to the party, but with his loyal fan base and upcoming releases, when they do arrive, the LG SPZL looks set to fly off the shelves.  If you want some, get in there, and if you don’t then don’t, as you were!

George Didcote