Weekender Offender certainly know a thing or two about producing top notch tees don’t they?  And they also have this uncanny knack of always having their finger on the pulse, a perfect case in point is their new Peaky Blinders “Rogue” collection.

The collection includes two blinding (sorry) tees featuring the brands own unique take on that well known magazine cover!  These classic crew neck tees feature Arthur Shelby and Tommy Shelby respectively complete with each characters memorable quotes:

“Who wants to be in heaven, eh? Who wants to be in heaven when you can be sending men to fucking hell?”

“Whiskey is good proofing water, it tells you who’s real and who isn’t” and “I don’t pay for suits.  My suits are on the house or the house burns down.”

As you would expect the tees have been constructed from 100% cotton and feature the brands infamous “admit nothing” branding, it’s enough to make me wanna stash a razor blade in my hat and start speaking in a brummie accent!  The tees are available to buy now on the Weekend Offender website which you can visit here.