Casio G-SHOCK‘s iconic 6900 series celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and to mark this momentous occasion Casio will be releasing a number of limited pieces and revamps, and for the first time ever G-SHOCK will refit one of its most iconic models with a metal bezel.  The new timepieces (in various colour options) will be hitting the shops in February.

All this got me thinking, and I was just wondering if Tinie Tempah will be adding a couple of these watches to his ‘crazy dumb collection’?  Now I reckon he will because they’re dead smart, I can just imagine him now, showing them off to his mates whilst he reaches into the cupboard to get a glass out!

Anyway you can check out the new metal bezel ticker in this snazzy video, be warned though, you may get tempted to blow your next six months wages on new watches!