Before lockdown started we had been mad busy working an exciting new project, our very own clothing brand!  Despite the shut down of everything from our graphic designers to our developers we managed to press ahead and very soon we will be ready to unveil our new brand.

You may remember our very first foray in to the rag trade with the terrace themed t-shirt line ‘Kasual Company’, it was a lot of fun to do and we sold a fair few pieces, but the need to do something more grown up and substantial was apparent.

The new brand is a collaboration between ourselves and one of the UK’s leading online designer menswear retailers.  Together we have been sampling the finest fabrics and sourcing the very best manufacturers to produce our exclusive range of casual wear.  We have also spent several months wash testing different types of fabrics to ensure that we can deliver an end product of unparalleled quality and durability.

One thing that has driven this new project is the need to do something that isn’t related to the casual scene, acid house, Scandinavia or the Hacienda!  There’s just far to much of that kind of thing knocking about, and it’s becoming really boring.  So we have gone in a completely different direction.  Anyway that’s all I can say for now, so keep your eyes peeled and all shall be revealed soon, in the meantime stay safe and have a lovely weekend.