Ever since the dawn of time mankind has been asking some big pretty big questions, which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Are you an arse or a tit man?  And which do you prefer more, jackets or trainers?  Well for me it’s jackets all day long, especially Italian made garment dyed jackets, like this handsome Trenchcoat from Palto.

Based in the Tuscan city of Lucca Palto firmly believe in the often forgotten values of true Italian style – tailoring, refined materials and artisan details, all of which come together beautifully to create this magnificent garment.  Unlined and featuring two vertical pockets this splendid smoother has been double garment dyed using a process that firstly dyes the cotton fibres and then the nylon ones, this in turn creates a stunning two tone effect.

The piece has been finished with a shirt collar, tonal stitching and button adjustable cuffs, and at 429 euros (roughly £389) you’ll be hard pushed to find a coat of this quality for the same price anywhere.  You can shop for this jacket and many more like it by visiting the Palto website here.