“I wouldn’t say my wife was hairy down below ladies and gentlemen… but she’s got a fanny like a bear trappers hat!  Thank you, thank you… I am here all week”

Feel free to use that one, it never fails to get a laugh or two in polite company!  And talking of bear trappers hats how about this vainglorious (yes that is a word) ‘Värmland Heater’ from Fjällräven.  It’s been cut from a soft water repellent polyester fabric that resists moisture and features a synthetic fur lined brim and earflaps which you can fasten under the chin.  There’s also a smaller pair of earflaps complete with hearing holes to let the sound in, just in case you encounter a polar bear on your travels, or a double decker bus!

Buy this toasty warm titfer from Fjällräven here.