Clarkes have probably made the best looking trainer of 2021 here with their sumptuous ‘Tor Run’ in Khaki Combi.  Although they’re a big departure from their usual fine footwear they still feature that legendary Crepe sole which adds a touch of sophistication that most trainers would simply die for. 

Constructed from a tactile mixture of Khaki suede, hairy suede (gigady), nubuck and full grain leather this super suave shoe just oozes Clarkes DNA from every orifice.  The 100% vegetal leather heel, EVA inserts and that all important (Forest Stewardship Council certified) natural rubber crept sole also makes for a comfortable ride whilst your strutting your stuff on the terraces.  

It’s my birthday next week so I am just hoping that my long suffering missus is reading this article and finds it in her heart to get me a pair!  For those for you that haven’t got a birthday just around the corner you can always buy a pair from the Clarkes website here.