Wow, I haven’t seen this much hype around a CP Company collaboration since.. well the last CP Company collaboration (Barbour x CP Company)! Yes ever since the first pictures emerged of Luke Shaw donning the magnificent 50 Fili Haslingden jacket collectors up and down the country have been in an extreme state of intoxication, although the £740.00 price tag has since sobered them up a bit!

It also has to be said that the duel branding on the watchviewer has divided opinion, but I must say, I really like it, and the jacket itself is exquisite. Firstly its been crafted from CP’s legendary 50 Fili fabric, it also comes with an insulative inner layer and an array of handy front pockets. The only down side for me is that there are no Goggles in the hood, and I honestly think that they’ve missed the trick here, that being said it’s still a blinding smoother, even at £740.00!

In a time when people are losing their jobs on the back of a global pandemic it may seem rather crass to be spending this amount if money on a jacket. On the flip side this stunning Camo piece is a sound investment, and after the last 18 months that we’ve just you could be forgiven for wanting to treat yourself.

This handsome jacket is available now on the CP Company website, a word or warning though chaps, they’re selling out fast!