Ever since the dawn of time, mankind has been asking some pretty questions. ‘What came first, the Chicken or the Egg’? Also ‘What ever happened to 70’s tits'(those big banana shaped ones, as seen those bawdy 1970’s confessions films)? And of course ‘Can men wear women’s trainers’?

For me the answer to the latter is a resounding YES! Okay, I know I’ll probably get panned for writing this, but who cares? After all, it’s what I think. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that ‘It takes a real man to wear a pair of women’s trotters’!

Now let’s look at this logically shall we? What actually makes a pair of women’s trainers, a pair of women’s trainers? To my mind it’s purely down to the colour scheme, and that’s it! I mean its not as if ‘Women’s Trainers’ fasten on a different side is it?

And for me personally, if I like a certain colour, I’ll just go for it! And that goes for anything, Jackets, Sweaters, Polos, Tees, you name it. And let’s not forget, the original Casual movement was all about individuality, bold colours and standing out from the crowd!

So what’s brought all this on I hear you ask? Well that’s simple, its these jaw dropping Jazz originals from Saucony, I mean just look at them! And lord knows why Saucony have decided to market them as ‘Women’s Trainers’! To me they’re just a classic pair of Jazz Originals in a sumptuous Purple colourway.

And they’re available in men’s sizes, so there you go, bish, bash, bosh! And before you ask, YES I HAVE ORDERED A PAIR!

So don’t ever let anyone tell you that I am not in touch with my feminine side, occasionally I even throw some bleach down the Rick Witter, and wash the pots!!!

Buy a pair of these handsome (or should I say pretty) Jazz Orignals from the official Saucony website here.